To Brave the Bare or Rock a Bush?

pubic hair

DISCLAIMER: If you know me personally, but don’t want to know me that personally, do not read this!

For those of you reading on – you might know that I am not shy. In fact, I love a good dive into a topic that some of society might see as taboo. Today I want to talk about women’s private parts – more specifically, the act of trimming and pruning our lady gardens.

I was literally going to head to the salon today to get some “hollywood” treatment (pun intended), but then I read this article and got thinking. Why do I wax down nether, and, should I?

The article grabs your attention quickly, asking “how do you tell a gold medal winning cyclists she needs to stop getting bikini waxes”? Throughout the read you learn that leaving nature in it’s place and having a good old bush actually helps prevent saddle sores. How you might ask?

  1. removing hair (i.e. shaving or waxing) typically damages the skin, making the area prone to further irritation and more at risk of infection
  2. believe it or not a thick bustle of hair adds a layer of protection between your precious parts and the cycle saddle, and
  3. hair helps with the wicking away and evaporation of sweat.

Given the above, and imagining the intense, sweaty, non-stop training lifestyle of a competitive female cyclist, it becomes pretty evident how hair removal might just cause more trouble than pleasure. But what about for all us moderately active or straight up couch potato women of the world?

Athlete or not, boxes get hot and sweaty! The groin area is packed with both apocrine and eccrine sweat glands. This means that we can get sweaty down there for pretty well any reason. I’m sweating my cooch off just writing this blog 😳 ! Now, remember we said hair removal practices typically cause damage to the skin, increasing risk of infection? Well this includes STIs like herpes, warts, or HIV. Where nasty little viruses and bacteria have easy access to the body through skin lesions (these may be microscopic btw), risk of infection is always elevated. The list of potential health concerns associated with shaving and waxing go on. To me, this, + the pain of the process of getting a wax, provides sound reason for leaving my bush in place. So why do we young women go for the bare look anyways? We sure as hell aren’t doing it for ourselves (ok maybe you are).

Thank you society! Yet another unhealthy way in which you have interfered with the perceptions of women and beauty. I can’t even begin to imagine what persuaded Playboy to move from bush to bare, but it sure has created a generation of young men that see the “bare” vagina as the “norm”. To be honest, I just don’t get what the “positives” associated with this imagery of the ideal vagina are. Personally, the bare freaks me out. The image it generates in my mind, is youth, and I’m not so sure I can (or should) hold on to that title for ever (especially in the bedroom). Pubic hair is a natural part of womanhood. Heck it’s almost as if our bodies knew a bundle of hair down south would come in handy 😉 … and I’m sure it even tickles his pecker a little, adding to his pleasurable sensations. So really society, what is the big problem with hair down there?

This “modern” phenomena of hair removal definitely presents me with a dilemma. I write this blog, and have these questions, yet I am not sure if I will abandon the wax or not. Maybe I need some flower power support in my mission towards rocking a tamed bush. Any other young ladies with me?

-Robyn Waite (August 16, 2016)


11 thoughts on “To Brave the Bare or Rock a Bush?

  1. Nicole Dagenais says:

    LOVE this post Robyn, you are truly comical but in the most honest way. Shaving/waxing the cooch is such a chore, and I, personally, feel like it looks and definitely feels better with a little “fur”. Plus unless one is always waxing, which inevitably means we must let it grow freely for a couple of weeks (so really what’s the issue) it can’t be comfortable for your partner to get down on a prickly hoo haw lol. It’s almost completely a societal makeup, the reasons we feel the need to have a “naked” vag. Lol anyway, keep ’em coming lovely, your posts put a smile on my face! 🙂

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  2. Kate Hemsley-Hackett says:

    Love love love this!
    I recently got thinking about this too. It came about after we were actually talking about our grooming practises at the table with Alex’s mum! And to assure her I said “I definitely do it for myself- 100% it’s for me- I feel sexier, cleaner, better” BUT… I really knew that I was only saying that it was 100% for me because I wanted to establish myself in her eyes as ‘a strong independent who don’t need no yada yada yada’ … To feel sexy I play of his vibes, right? (Of course to a degree- inherent happiness and power always projects a greater message to the receiver) and I started to wonder how grooming, bare, a strip etc all established a concept/ construction of female sexiness. I suppose it goes into the category of fashion, identify and self expression but like you’re proposing- it really does deem “why?” Or more specifically, “if the science outweighs the fashion, why?” ((But how has THAT been reflected in society!))

    Great read Robyn, really enjoying the blog.

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    • RobynChristineWaite says:

      Interesting Kate (miss you btw). I think I was doing the same … Thinking I was doing it for me but upon deeper reflection realizing that maybe there is way more to it. I just wish it was really an individual choice and that society accepted the bush and the bare equally.


  3. Lindsay Renaud says:

    Female genitalia has long been mislabelled as “dirty” in western societies; pubic hair removal is probably just another means of trying to make it “cleaner”, and of course, because it promotes another beauty product/service to guilt women into spending on. We have hair where we do for a reason!…maybe less relevant to our well being than in the distant past, but still! To this expensive and painful practice i say “hell no!”
    This issue is just the tip of the iceberg… I’m just finishing reading Emily Nagoskis’ “Come as You Are” (pun intended). I definitely recommend it for fascinating scientific inquiry into how Western culture has and continues to misrepresent, ignore, and distort female sexuality to the detriment of us women, and also arguably men…as well as what a growing body of science reveals about the truths. maybe a fun break from all your PHD reading 🙂
    hope all is well in London!

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  4. S says:

    I really really liked this post. However, I do just want to wave the flag for those of us who really do do a bit of grooming down there because we ourselves prefer it – there are more of us than I think you give credit for. Once a month I get a – genuinely painless – bikini wax because I find it dramatically improves the sensation of receiving oral sex. My partner really, honestly, could not care less. I am also a cyclist and long-distance triathlete, and have no skin problems in that area – though I realise from the above that I may be lucky in this respect. Whilst I recognise that a lot of female grooming practices are influenced by the male gaze and that is not a good thing, I do get frustrated with arguments such as ‘it’s natural to have hair there’ because it’s natural for men to have hair on their faces but we don’t, in mainstream western culture at least, get cross with them for shaving it. We just assume that men know what’s best for themselves and let them get on with it. I wish we could afford the same freedom to women.

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    • RobynChristineWaite says:

      I hear ya! I think for me this was really a reflection of am I doing this for me ..: or do I think I am doing this for me but really there are loads of societal influences weighing on my practices. To each their own – we all have different preferences 🙂

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  5. Gillian Linscott says:

    Awesome article. It’s always an interesting battle when you confront your beliefs. I always remember when I played competitive volleyball and how all the other girls shaved their legs and nether regions. I felt left out and marginalized because at the age of 10, I didn’t look like all the other girls. I realize now how this standard of beauty has truly permeated women’s lives down to our childhood when we don’t even realize what is going on.

    Your comment on the Olympian cyclist is interesting because for her it makes sense, but what about the Olympic swimmers and divers? What if they decided to rock the bush? Would the judgment of the commentators outweigh their achievements?

    I talk too much but AWESOME blog! 🙂

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  6. Bev says:

    Putting it out there in a fun read. Well done. We spend zillions grooming, altering and trying to improve the body we are given. Head hair is said to our crowning glory and underarm and leg hair for French women (and others) is certainly acceptable. Who determines our perception of acceptance? Breasts are not sexualised in developing countries but exposure of the thigh area is considered sexual display if hair is to go, don’t wax….go laser…quick, painless and permanent.

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